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Torii Mor

Torii Mor
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I went to Portland this past Thursday to visit my brother.  I spent Friday in the beautiful Willamette valley.  Spring was everywhere.  Fields of red poppies, pink rhodaenderoums, bright green grape leaves.  I met with Margie Olson owner of Torii Mor Friday morning.  They have a relatively new winery where Jacques Tardy is making expressive pinot noir, pinot blanc, pinot gris and chardonnay.  The name comes from two languages; Torii is Japanese  for the ornate gates that designate the entrance to a garden or temple.  Mor is an ancient Scandinavian word that means earth.   The winery was founded in 1993 by Dr. Donald Olson and his wife Margie. Their Olson vineyard (formerly McDaniel Vineyard) was planted in 1972 making it one of the oldest vineyards in Yamhill County.     For more information visit Torii Mor website.

By cara