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Spring Skiing and Sun Protection

Spring Skiing and Sun Protection
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This weekend I purchased sunscreen for my family on our way out for  three hours of cross-country skiing.  UV-B rays are just as intense in the winter and spring and can cause serious sunburn, we all should be very careful about being exposed unprotected to the sun for any extended period of time. And reflection from snow increases the risk of damage to your skin.

While I lather sunscreen on every exposed inch of myself and loved ones when we are heading out on the weekends. I realized I have been too complacent with my daily sun protection in recent months. I detest putting smelly facial creams on in the morning.

The solution? This amazing product,  Eminences SPF 30 Sun Defense Minerals, which I found at the Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge. The powder is hypoallergenic, easy to apply over my daily non-spf facial cream, loaded with vitamins, and available in six shades for added cosmetic coverage.

The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge

Eminence SPF 30 Sun Defense Minerals